Hydropsyche Tournament


To present on the market a product that is superior to the present Elite series, more powerful and innovative, we have researched the best materials on the market today; the combination of 8 different types of high modulus carbon, with an important innovation in the use of carbon fibers at 45 degrees, so far never used by any manufacturer, allows us with enthusiasm to be able to say that we have the most highly technological product on the market . All the details, from the use of special resins, nanotechnology, the new 45-degree carbon and the new material impregnated with the new radial carbon resins, allow us to build a super-reactive, extremely sturdy and very light shaft, the only one able to do it to use thin lines to catch important fish Innovators in the construction of ultra thin blanks, we wanted to further thin the barrels making them even richer in material and even more robust. Thanks to the use of the new carbon at 45 degrees, the blank does not undergo torsions, making it more performing in the fishing action, and guarantees maximum performance during the casting phase. Equipped with the best components on the market such as Titanium Rec guides, Sea-guide double-deck stripping guides and single in the stillwater model, which in addition to being lighter, affect cast performance. Ultralight reel seat in stock bar 6061 and wowen carbon insert. Triangular compartmented rod tube. Study, research and innovation give life to the new tournament series, designed in particular for the most demanding fishermen always looking for the best performing product in terms of performance.

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