Hydropsyche Elite Pure


We wanted to use the same Elite technology, to develop an extremely light and reactive product. In the construction of Elite rod, 6 different types of different carbon are used to guarantee maximum performance. Aggressive in appearance and innovative in design, it combines a sobriety of blank in the natural finish of rectified carbon with a white imprinting. The result is very light, robust and snappy rods. Carbon reel seat, and Recoil rings. Available in four models, with cordura tube and cloth bag.

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    10'1" 2 HYDROPSYCHE...


    Super light nymph modern rod, suitable for the use of very thin monofilaments. Extremely balanced; weight gr. 75.

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    9'3" 2-3 HYDROPSYCHE...


    Smooth and balanced rod suitable for dry and submerged fly in medium to large environments, mid-fast action; weight gr. 72.

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    9'6" 7 HYDROPSYCHE...


    Developed to be used in streamer fishing, and especially in lake fishing from boat, with sinking fly lines, it is very light and snappy, with a rigid top that allows you to feel the bites while using heavy sinking fly lines. Recommended for stillwater fishing and sea trout fishing; weight gr. 80.