Loomis & Franklin IM12

Series characterized by light and extremely thin blanks, accompanied by a rapid but progressively elastic response, the result of the physical properties of the IM12 module.

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    Complete series of rods dedicated to modern nymph fishing techniques, from the shortest 9'6 '' to the longest 11 '. easy and suitable for approaching the nymph fishing technique.

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    River & stream


    Allround for every fisherman. They allow you to fish optimally with any technique: from dry fly to submerged fly and in any type of water.

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    Small Creek


    Rods intended for use in small waters and mountain streams. Fast and suitable for precise poses. Excellent for dry fly fishing .

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    Stillwater Competition


    Rods dedicated to trout fishing in lakes, with two K-profile rings to improve shooting and oversized diameter loops.

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    In the two powers, they allow streamer fishing in any type of water and for any prey.