SFT Euronymph tapered leader 9 mt/30ft Fluo pink 0,20mm

SFT Euronymph tapered leader 9 mt/30ft Fluo pink 0,20mm

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Euronymph tapered leader 


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Line on the hand nymph fishing, also called European nymph fishing or Euro Nymphing, is having enormous success and is popular among fly fishermen all over the world. Although not easy, if practiced at certain levels, it is still simpler and more immediate than classic fly fishing. Even a novice, thanks to a few hours of practice, will be able to catch his first fish.

The lightness of the line compared to the fly line allows you to keep in fishing only the portion of the leader necessary for the fishing action, having the excess well raised from the water preventing the dredging effect of the nymphs.

Made of brightly colored conical monofilament, or even in perfectly camouflage colors.

Full length 9 meters/ 30 ft with final tip 0.20mm

However, we recommend connecting a two-color indicator to the end to perceive even the most timid bites.

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